For many years NG GROUP is providing services to Lithuanian military forces, to help them with they’re training or daily missions in Lithuania and in neighbouring countries. From 2013 – NG GROUP started supporting NATO’s Baltic Air Policing (BAP) detachments stationed at Lithuanian Air force Air base. Baltic Air Policing is a special rotation of the NATO’s Air Policing mission in the Baltic states. NATO has been providing Air Policing for the Baltic states which do not have suitable air capabilities of their own non-stop, since 2004 – when Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia became members of the NATO Alliance. More than 17 NATO members have conducted the mission already since then. NATO’s confidence in NG GROUP’s efforts rose over years and later the services and support was provided to all NATO’s detachments forces which are deployed across country.

NG GROUP always seeks the highest quality and safety standarts cosidering military, leading to this – from 2018 NG GROUP becomes a proud member of NATO SUPPORT AND PROCUREMENT AGENCY(NSPA). From 2020 – official partner and supplier in Lithuania for United Kingdoms Ministry of Defence – supplier code: L3058.

From 2021 – we became official partner and supplier in Lithuania for GLOBAL GROUND SUPPORT LLC. “Global” designs, manufactures, and sells aircraft ground support equipment. The Company offers deicers, aircraft washers, catering and cabin service trucks, drainage systems, and other glycol recovery solutions. Global Ground Support serves customers worldwide.

NG GROUP is helping with:

  • Long and short-term vehicle rental service
  • Technical maintenance and support service
  • Operations and exercises support
  • VIP military personnel transportation
  • Logistics
  • Procurement
  • Specialized technical fluids, tools and equipment


Phone: +370 621 28301